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Palmer Hamilton 19F Bench Tables
19F Bench Table The 19F Bench Table offers field-adjustable table heights, an industry exclusive, t..
Palmer Hamilton 22M Shaped Tables
22M Shaped Tables The 22M Shaped Table is built on a unitized frame that offers a longer lasting mo..
Palmer Hamilton 23M Series
23M Rectangular Table The 23M Rectangular Table offers to accommodate your everyday lunchroom table..
Palmer Hamilton 34M Convertible Table
34M Convertible Bench Tables The 34M Convertible Bench Tables are one of the most versatile sc..
Palmer Hamilton 59T Elongated Tables
59T Elongated Tables with Surround Seating The 59T Elongated Tables provide attached surround seati..
Palmer Hamilton 59T Shaped Tables
59T Shaped Tables with Surround Seating The 59T Shaped Tables provide attached surround seating. Yo..
Palmer Hamilton 60T Stool Table
60T Stool Table The 60T Stool Table is our most popular mobile table. Reduce your storage requireme..
Palmer Hamilton 61T Shaped Tables
61T Shaped Tables Flip up benches for easy cleaning under the 61T Bench Table. • Superior wei..
Palmer Hamilton 63T Shaped Tables
63T Shaped Tables Benches fold in unison with tabletop in storage position. • DoubleGuard® en..
Palmer Hamilton Booths - Circular
Circular Booths Palmer Hamilton offers Circular Booths for stylish and durable food court seating. ..
Palmer Hamilton Booths - Fiberglass
Fiberglass Booths Palmer Hamilton offers Fiberglass Booths for stylish and durable food court seati..
Palmer Hamilton Booths - Upholstered
Upholstered Booths Palmer Hamilton offers Upholstered Booths for comfortable food court seating. Fo..
Palmer Hamilton Four-Seater
Palmer Hamilton Four-Seater Swivel Chairs, 36" Round Top Expand your food court area into the great..
Palmer Hamilton Recycling Receptacles
Recycling Receptacles Enhance the functionality and atmosphere of your cafeteria with Palmer Hamilt..
Palmer Hamilton Six-Seater
Palmer Hamilton Six-Seater Swivel Chairs, 48" Round Top Expand your food court area into the great ..
Palmer Hamilton Stand-Up Table
Palmer Hamilton Outdoor Stand-Up Table - Stand Up Unit with 4" Steel Column Expand your food c..
Palmer Hamilton Two-Seater
Palmer Hamilton Two-Seater Swivel Chairs, 24" x 28" Square Top Expand your food court area into the..
Palmer Hamilton Waste Receptacle
Waste & Receptacles Add the finishing touch to any cafeteria furniture package with Palmer Hami..