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Working With Architects

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  • Proficient in CAD & Giza
  • Saving you time & money

Frank Lloyd Wright said that "Every chair must be designed for the building it will be in."

That’s why at A. Bargas & Associates LLC we provide no cost furniture and casework design assistance to architects, contractors, and clients throughout the state of Texas.  We work with you to determine the appropriate furnishings for a project based on the size and configuration of the space, your wants and needs, and, most importantly, your budget.

Our in-house design team is proficient in CAD and GIZA software allowing us the opportunity to merge fit with functionality.  From libraries to laboratories, our eye for interior design and our years of experience working with various building material proves to be an invaluable asset to your construction projects.

A. Bargas & Associates LLC can also assist you in simply selecting the right furniture, comparing prices, ordering, shipping, and installation.  Our support saves you time and resources so that your skilled personnel can focus on other important details.

At A. Bargas & Associates LLC, we pride ourselves in offering affordable, quality furnishings that help to create spaces that are comfortable, contemporary, and inviting.  We are looking forward to working with you to create the environment you envision to be academically and socially engaging, encouraging, and inspiring, so that we can fill your rooms with more than furniture!

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