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JSI Connect

JSI Connect
JSI Connect JSI Connect
Brand: JSI
Product Code: Connect

From freestanding to modular, curved to square, Connet applies itself to a wide range of needs.

Booths provide small breakout areas while curved runs accommodate larger study groups.

Clean lines and stunning forms create a unique balance between the wood platform base, plush upholstery, and metal. 

The under mount power unit is field installed so it can be placed where you want, when you want. Use it under seats, tables, or media activity centers.

Ideal as a technology or writing surface, the tablet arm, when not in use, rotates 90° to line up flush with the arm.  

Connect’s electrical is available in the front of the arm so it’s out of the way yet convenient. 

The single-seat is ideal for individual studying with a tablet, cupholder, and power.