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NPS Trans-Port

NPS Trans-Port
NPS Trans-Port NPS Trans-Port NPS Trans-Port
Brand: National Public Seating
Product Code: TP72

The Trans-Port is a 72" wide unitized three-level carpeted riser, available either tapered or straight, that conveniently sets-up in seconds.

Grey frame with Grey carpet.

The Trans-port Riser unit eliminates the need to set-up multi level risers.  The Trans-port is a unitized three-level carpeted choral riser that conveniently allows set-up in seconds. Unit is outfitted with built-in wheels making it easy to transport from room to room and load into a vehicle. Built with 14 gauge legs this unit is strong, safe and durable.  The Trans-port is built with aluminum frames making it much lighter than a steel frame unit but is just as strong. Multiple units can be connected to create a variety of configurations.  

Risers consist of three 18" wide levels, 8", 16" and 24" high that are permanently joined with hinge mechanisms to enable the unit to open and close in a unified fashion. Each unit is equipped with wheels for easy transportation when folded and to allow for easy positioning after the unit has been set up.

Riser levels shall be supported by a 3" deep, double walled, extruded anodized aluminum frame that overlaps the top of each level to protect the carpet edge. 2 screws and lock nuts per bracket shall be used to secure hinge to frame. Frames must be joined with welded 5/16" bolt hinge. 

Riser platforms shall be constructed of 3/4" thick plywood, surfaced with polyolefin carpet.

Risers shall be easily foldable and shall be easy to transport form place to place by an adult of average strength.

Risers shall easily attach to each other without lifting unit by connecting ganging cord onto latch underneath the adjoining riser.

Optional Guardrails
Guardrails shall be constructed of black epoxy powdercoated tubular steel and shall be equipped with clamp-on attachments for easy installation. Guardrail must attach to unit using bolt.

Trans-port risers shall be covered by 5-year NPS warranty. 

 Model#  Description  H"  D" L" *List Price
 BCNTR100  Trans-Port Riser 8, 16, 24 18 79 $1,197.70 
 BCNTRSG3  Trans-Port Riser Side Guardrail 63-1/2 --  59-1/4 $105.10 
 BCNTRGR3  Trans-Port Riser Rear Guardrail 66-1/4  --  70-1/2 $209.80